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For your conference / tradeshow, Streampoint Solutions works with your objectives to help build your attendance, branding, contingency and more. We specialize in delivering highly configurable solution to your event without the compromise of service and quality of offering.

Solutions provide: Custom portals, CRM / AMS integrated solutions, exhibitor registration, booth sales and management, group registration, email marketing, enterprise solutions, reporting and more.

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Booth Mapping and Management

Let’s make this simple for you. Streampoint Solutions provides a streamlined solution to booth mapping where it just works out of box. It is designed with you in mind by making its easy, flexible and cross platform compatible.

Not only can you sell your booths faster, you can also sell sponsorships, manage you booth allotments, no worrying about plugins, access anywhere / anytime using our cloud based solution, sell booths onsite for the following year and more.

Sign up and let us show you a different and simpler approach to booth sales and management.

Integrated Solutions

We understand, you have your favorite solutions you like to work with such as AMS / CRM, merchants, booth management solutions, mobile solutions etc.. No worries, we can also integrate with over 100 various companies and implementation to ensure your data is streamlined from one system to the other.  No more manual imports- That’s not just happening.

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